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Q. If my program was not accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA), can the BSRB review my program and coursework to see if I qualify for a license, before I make application for license?
A. The BSRB does not review or approve programs or coursework before an application has been submitted. Please review the educational requirements in K.A.R. 102-1-12 and/or visit with your academic dean.

Q. How do I apply for a temporary license?
A. There is not a separate application for a temporary license. Once the licensure application has been submitted and reviewed by the board you will be notified of your eligibility for a temporary license.

Q. Am I required to complete continuing education while I am temporarily licensed?
A. Yes. K.S.A. 74-5316 requires you to complete 25 hours of continuing education while you are temporarily licensed.

Q. Does the Academic Background form always need to be completed?
A. No, only if the if the program is not accredited by APA.

Q. Which exam does the BSRB require for Psychology licensure? How often is the examination given? What is the pass rate?
A. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is the exam which Kansas requires for licensure. The exam is given by Professional Examination Services (PES) and administered, via computer, at Thomson Prometric Testing Centers. The exam is offered Monday through Friday. The pass score is a scaled score of 500 or 70%.

Q. How do I get approved to sit for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)?
A. You must submit a complete licensure application to the Board office at least eight weeks prior to the date you wish to register for the examination. Once the BSRB approves your application, you will be instructed on how to register for the exam. The exam is given by PES not the BSRB.

Q. How long may the results of the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) be used for licensing purposes in Kansas?
A. Indefinitely.

Q. What are the basic educational requirements to be eligible for Psychology licensure?
A. You must have a doctoral degree based on a program of studies in content primarily psychological, accredited by APA. If your program was not accredited by APA, the program shall meet the requirements listed in K.A.R. 102-1-12.

Q. Is it mandatory that a training plan be submitted prior to accruing hours toward a psychology license?
A. No. Doctoral level psychologists are not required to submit a training plan prior to working on post-doctoral hours. The submission of a training plan only applies to master’s level licensees working toward clinical licensure.

Q. What is the supervised experience requirement in Kansas?
A. Two years of supervised experience of which:

1. One year and 1800 hours may be pre-doctoral internship.
2. At least one year and 1800 hours must be post-doctoral. Of the 1800 postdoctoral hours:
a. 900 hours shall be direct client contact providing psychological services, K.A.R. 102-1-1 (c)
b. 180 hours a year shall be providing general or non-clinical psychological services. K.A.R. 102-1-1 (h)
Please see K.A.R. 102-1-5a for the supervised experience requirements.

Q. Who is considered an appropriate supervisor for the pre-doctoral internship?
A. A licensed psychologist.

Q. Who is considered an appropriate supervisor for post-doctoral supervised experience?
A. A licensed psychologist who has been licensed and practicing for at least 2 years beyond their licensure date.

Q. May the 1800 postdoctoral hours be obtained in less than 12 months (one year)?
A. No. The post-doctoral experience shall be 1800 hours and one year.

Q. May applicants take more than 12 months to complete post-doctoral supervised experience?
A. Yes.

Q. How do I know if specific ceu’s will be accepted for the renewal of my license?
A. At this time, continuing education programs, for psychologists, are not pre-approved by the BSRB. K.A.R. 102-1-15 states continuing education shall be clearly related to the enhancement of psychology practice, values, skills and knowledge.

Q. May I get an extension for the renewal of my Psychology license?
A. Yes. If prior to your expiration date, you send your application form, fee, and explanation of how you will complete the necessary continuing education, the board may grant you an extension up to six months. Please see K.A.R. 102-1-15(g).

Q. Does Kansas have reciprocity with any state?
A. No, Kansas does not have reciprocity with any one state. Kansas does have licensure through reciprocity, which can be met by one of the following:

1. The state in which you are currently licensed has substantially equivalent requirements to those for licensure in Kansas, or
2. You are currently licensed and in good standing and meet the following requirements:
a. Continuous licensure and practice as a psychologist for the last 5 years with the minimum required work experience hours as listed in K.A.R. 102-1-3b(b)(3)(A), and
b. a doctoral degree in psychology.

Q. Does Kansas require a Jurisprudence Examination for licensure?
A. No, at this time Kansas does not require applicants to pass a Jurisprudence examination.


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