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The Board originally was comprised of seven members. In 1996, the Legislature increased the Board to 11 members: two licensed psychologists, two licensed social workers, one professional counselor, one marriage family therapist, one licensed masters level psychologist, and four members from the general public. The 2010 Legislature created two new professions, the licensed addiction counselor and the licensed clinical addiction counselor, effective July 1, 2011.  The 2010 Legislature (updated in L.2011, Ch. 114, sec. 12 of Session Laws of Kansas) passed the Licensed Addictions Counselors Act with HB2577 and then modified it with Sub HB2182 in the 2011 Legislature. All Board members are appointed by the Governor and serve four-year terms. In addition to licensing the six professions listed above, the Board’s powers, duties, and functions include the following: 

- Recommending prosecution for violations of State law and/or regulations by those professionals licensed by the Board.

- Compiling and publishing an annual list of the names and addresses of all person licensed by the Board

- Prescribing the form and content of examinations required for licensure

- Adopting and enforcing rules and regulations relating to:

- Practioner's professional conduct

- Continuing education requirements 

- Classes of social work specialities

- Examination procedures

- Adopting rules and regulations as may be necessary for the administration of the Board

- The Board also appoints an executive director who oversees the administrative duties of the Board.

The Board is Funded Through License Fees collected From the various Professions The Board receives no State General Fund moneys. Licensing fees range from $100.00 for a social worker’s license to $225 for the doctorate-level psychologist’s application for licensure. Most professional licenses are issued for a two-year period.

AG Opinions

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Board Meetings Schedule

Board Members
Name Location Term Expires
Kathy Armstrong Shawnee 06-30-19
Barbara Callahan Topeka 06-30-19
Jill Craven Wichita 06-30-16
Grant Edwards Overland Park 06-30-18
Todd Frye Olathe 06-30-16
Kathryn Herzog Wichita 06-30-16
Terry Pfannenstiel Manhattan 06-30-18
Cheryl Reynolds Topeka 06-30-18
Larry Salmans Hanston 06-30-19
Marcia Simoneau Wichita 06-30-19
Carolyn Szafran Topeka 06-30-18

Kansas Behavioral Science Board Statutes

- Downloadable Statutes Book



Behavioral sciences regulatory board created; composition; appointment; terms, organization; compensation and expenses; executive director and other employees. 74-7506
Disposition of moneys received; behavioral sciences regulatory board fee fund established; approval of expenditures.
74-7502 Abolition of state board of examiners of psychologists and board of social work examiners; transfer of powers, duties and functions to behavioral sciences regulatory board; rules and regulations preserved. 74-7507 Powers, duties and functions of board.
74-7503 Transfer of certain officers and employees to board; civil service and retirement rights preserved; transfer of records and property; disposition of conflicts. 74-7508 Investigations by board; access to documents and other evidence; oaths and testimony; subpoenas; confidentiality of information; exceptions; client or patient communications.
74-7504 Rights preserved in legal actions and proceedings. 74-7509 Existing certificates and licenses continued in effect.
74-7505 Abolition of fee funds; transfer of moneys and liabilities to behavioral sciences regulatory board fee fund. 74-7510 Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating and investigating certain information concerning alleged malpractice incidents and other information; conditions.



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