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Professional Counselors

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New Information

Proposed Regulation

Out-Of-State Temporary Permit

This permit should be used by Out-Of-State Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors who wish to provide services in the State of Kansas or for the residents of Kansas, for a limited amount of time. This permit is found in Forms.

AG Opinions

- View the AG Opinions

- BSRB Official Statement Related to Clinical Licensure - (pdf)

Information regarding changes in Licensure for Professional Counselors

Legislation passed during the 1999 session created a new level of independent licensure for Professional Counselors in the State of Kansas.  This is to notify you of the options open to those who were fully licensed as a  LPC before July 1, 2000.  The options are:

1.    Transition to Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
If fully licensed as a Professional Counselor in Kansas before 7/1/00 you have the opportunity to transition your license to the new Clinical Professional Counselor level.  This is a NOT "grandparenting" process, all applicants will need to meet the qualifications for Clinical Professional Counselor.  Those qualifications are as followed:

- Licensed or Registered in Kansas before 7/1/00, and
- Actively engaged in practice as a LPC within the past 5 years, and
- Competent to diagnosis and treat mental disorders as documented by 2 of the following:

- 9 transcripted graduate credit hours in diagnosis and treatment or passing the national, clinical examination
- 3 years of clinical experience in a community mental health center, state hospital, or other settings with experience in diagnosis and treatment.
- Attestation from one professional, licensed to diagnosis and treat mental disorders in independent practice or licensed to practice medicine or surgery, that the applicant is competent to diagnosis and treat mental disorders.

If you wish to receive an application to transition to the clinical level download the form from "Forms" in the topics listed under Professional Counselors.

2.     Maintain your current license as an LPC
LPC's who were licensed prior to 7/1/00 may elect to maintain their current level of licensure.  After January 1, 2002, those who are licensed a LPC's may only practice under the direction of a LCPC , licensed psychologist, person licensed to practice medicine and surgery or person licensed to provide mental health services as an independent practitioner and whose licensure allows for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

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Advisory Committee Members

- View the Advisory Committee Members

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General information

- There are currently 385 licensed Professional Counselors in Kansas and 355 Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors.
License Statistics by County,
List of active LPC licensees business address only,
List of active LCPC licensees business address only

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Basic Licensure requirements for Licensed Professional Counselor

- At least 21 years of age
- Masters degree in counseling which includes 60 hours, with credits distributed among the 9 core areas of professional development, and includes a supervised practicum
- Pass a nationally standardized competency exam
- Must have an application on file with the BSRB six weeks prior to taking the exam
- The examination is given normally the first full week of each month. Monday thru Saturday at 9:00a.m. and 1:30p.m. with fours hours allowed for the exam. There are two locations in Kansas:

Applied Measurement Professionals Inc
18000 W 105th St
Corporate Ridge Office Park
Olathe KS 66061-7543

H & R Block Office
3201 W Central
Wichita KS  67203

All questions and requests for information about the examination program should be directed to NBCC 336-547-0607.

Basic Licensing requirements for the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

- Licensed as an LPC, or meet same qualifications
- 4000 hours of supervised clinical experience under an approved clinical training plan
- Pass a nationally standardized clinical exam
- Must have an application on file with the BSRB six weeks prior to rest company's registration deadline
- The examination is normally the first full week of each month. Monday thru Saturday at 9:00a.m. and 1:30p.m. with four hours allowed for the exam. There are two locations in Kansas:

Applied Measurement Professionals Inc
18000 W 105th St
Corporate Ridge Office Park
Olathe KS 66061-7543

H & R Block Office
3201 W Central
Wichita KS  67203

All questions and requests for information about the examination program should be directed to NBCC 336-547-0607. 

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Education for Clinical Supervision

- Important Information for Supervisors - (pdf)

- Stories/Examples - (pdf)


- 102-3-7a - (pdf)

The following practice exam has been provided by the Board as an aid to help you enhance your supervisory skills.  We encourage you to take the time to complete the exam and use the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the current statutes and regulations for your profession.  The answer key is provided

- LPC Supervisory Exam - (pdf)

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- Download Forms

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How to apply

Application packets can be downloaded by going to "Forms" under the topics list under Professional Counselors.

You may request the packets through the Board Office in writing.
Please be specific which packet you are requesting in your letter.

Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board
700 SW Harrison St, Ste 420
Topeka, KS 66603-3929
phone: 785-296-3240
fax: 785-296-3112

Renewal information

- Renew On-Line

If you renew online you will be required to pay your renewal fee by credit card or ACH payment. Any online renewal technical difficulties please contact at 1-800-452-6727.

Licenses are issued for a 2-year period, and expire on the last day of the month. Renewal notices are sent to the last address on file with the Board, and are sent approximately 90 days prior to expiration of the license. Renewals will not be processed prior to 90 days of the license expiration date.  The notices are a courtesy to licensees, but the responsibility to renew licenses on time remains with the licensee.

Renewal of licensure requires 30 hours of Continuing Education within the 24 month period of licensure in order to renew the license, with 3 of those hours being in Ethics. Beginning with all renewals occurring on or after January 1, 2002, there will be an additional 6 hours of "diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders" required.


LPC, LCPC Application - $100

Exam fee (paid directly to the exam company) - $165 (both levels)

LPC Temporary license - $150 (6 months)

Original Issue - $150 (both levels)


LPC - $150 

LCPC - $175


LPC - $300

LCPC - $350

Duplicate License - $20

Billfold card replacement - $2

Verification of licensure/registration fee is $5 per credential

Duplication - set up fee $5.00 plus $.25 per page.

Frequently Asked Questions

- View FAQ's

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Links to Statutes and Regulations covering Professional Counseling in Kansas

You may request a paper copy of the Statutes, Rules and Regulations from the Board office 785-296-3240 for a $5.00 fee.

- Downloadable Statutes & Regulations Book

- Statutes regarding Confidentiality - (pdf)

65-5801 Citation of act 65-5809 Refusal to issue, suspension, limitation, refusal to renew or revocation of license or specialty designation; grounds
65-5802 Definitions 65-5810 Confidential communications
65-5803 Licensure required prior to certain acts and representations; violations misdemeanor 65-5811 Repealed
65-5804 Repealed 65-5812  Construction of act
65-5804a Application for licensure; requirements; practice of licensed clinical professional counselor; approval of colleges or universities, criteria; temporary license 65-5813 Repealed
65-5805 Repealed 65-5814 Repealed
65-5806 Licensure; expiration and renewal; continuing education; reinstatement of suspended or revoked license 65-5815 Administrative proceedings; judicial review
65-5807 Waiver of requirements; when authorized 65-5816 Invalidity of part.
65-5807a Out of state temporary permit 65-5817 Disclosure
65-5808 Fees    
102-3-1 Revoked 102-3-8a Revoked
102-3-1a Definitions 102-3-9 Revoked
102-3-2 Fees 102-3-9a Renewal and reinstatement
102-3-3 Revoked 102-3-9b Renewal Audit
102-3-3a Education requirements 102-3-10 Revoked
102-3-4 Revoked 102-3-10a Continuing education for licensees
102-3-4a Applications for licensure 102-3-11 Revoked
102-3-4b Application for licensure based on reciprocity 102-3-11a Documentation for continuing education
102-3-5 Revoked 102-3-12 Revoked
102-3-5a Examinations 102-3-12a Unprofessional conduct
102-3-6 Revoked 102-3-13 Revoked
102-3-6a Revoked 102-3-14 Licensee consult with physician when determining symptoms of mental disorders
102-3-7 Revoked 102-3-15 Designation of referral source for use in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
102-3-7a Professional postgraduate supervised experience requirement to be licensed as a clinical professional counselor. 102-3-16 Services rendered to individuals located in this state
102-3-8 Revoked 102-3-17 Definition of “day”

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