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New Information

-Proposed Regulation

AG Opinions

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Advisory Committee Members

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General information

- View the number of Psychologists with active licenses in the state of Kansas ,
License Statistics by County,
List of active LP licensees business address only

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Basic Licensure requirements

Good moral character and merit public trust

Doctorate degree in field of psychology 2 years of supervised work experience

Pass a nationally standardized competency examination (EPPP) 70%.  The EPPP exam is offered daily once registered with PES.  You must have an licensure application on file with the BSRB.  Once approved to sit for the exam, you will receive instructions on how to register for the exam.

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Education for Clinical Supervision

- Stories/Examples - (pdf)

If you are a clinical supervisor, for any of the other professions, please be advised that we have placed practice exams for each profession, under the specific profession.  We encourage you to take the time to complete these exams and use the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the current statutes and regulations for those professions.

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- Download Forms

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How to apply

Application packets can be downloaded by going to "Forms" under the topics list under Psychologists.

You may request the packets through the Board Office in writing.
Please be specific which packet you are requesting in your letter.

Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board
700 SW Harrison St, Ste 420
Topeka, KS 66603-3929
phone: 785-296-3240
fax: 785-296-3112

Renewal information

- Renew On-Line

If you renew online you will be required to pay your renewal fee by credit card or ACH payment. Any online renewal technical difficulties please contact at 1-800-452-6727.

All Psychologists licensees expire on June 30th of each even year. Renewal notices are sent to the last known address we have in the licensure database, and are sent approximately 90 days prior to expiration of the license. Renewals will not be processed prior to 90 days of the license expiration date. The notices are a courtesy sent to licensees, but the responsibility to renew a license on time, remains with the licensee. All renewals require 50 hours of continuing education, inclusive of 3 hours of ethics and 6 hours of diagnosis and treatment, earned in the 2 years preceding renewal expiration date.

The required number of hours needed are pro-rated for periods of renewal which are less than the full 2 years.

- Psychology Continuing Education Policy - (pdf)


Application fee - $225

Examination - $450

Temporary License - $150

Original License fee - $50

Renewal fee - $200

Reinstatement - $400

Duplicate License - $20

Billfold card replacement - $2

Verification of licensure/registration fee is $5 per credential

Duplication - set up fee $5.00 plus $.25 per page.

Frequently Asked Questions

- View FAQ's

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Links to Statutes and Regulations covering Psychologists in Kansas

You may request a paper copy of the Statutes, Rules and Regulations from the Board office 785-296-3240 for a $5.00 fee.

- Downloadable Statutes & Regulations Book

- Statutes regarding Confidentiality - (pdf)

74-5301 Citation of act
74-5302 Definitions
74-5303 Repealed
74-5304 Repealed
74-5305 Repealed
74-5306 Repealed
74-5307 Repealed
74-5308 Repealed
74-5309 Repealed
74-5310 Issuance of license; fee; qualifications.
74-5310a Duplicate license
74-5311 Certification of psychologists; examinations; fee
74-5312 Same; waiver of examination
74-5313 Same; extension of waiver of examination for veterans
74-5314 Same; evidence of experience
74-5315 Endorsement license
74-5316 Temporary License
74-5316a Out of state temp permit
74-5317 Application; forms; certified psychologists deemed to be licensed
74-5318 Biennial mailing of renewal application
74-5319 Biennial renewal; fee
74-5320 Penalty fee
74-5321 Effect of failure to renew license
74-5322 List of licensed psychologists
74-5323 Privileged communication

Grounds for suspension, limitation, revocation or refusal to issue or renew license
74-5325 Suspension for incapacity; hearing
74-5326 Jurisdiction of proceedings; petition
74-5327 Filing of petition
74-5328 Prosecution of actions
74-5329 Repealed
74-5330 Repealed
74-5331 Service of petition
74-5331a Repealed
74-5332 Notice and hearing on suspension or revocation of license
74-5333 Revoked or suspended license; practice prohibited
74-5334 Failure to appear; evidence; order
74-5335 Costs; witness fees
74-5336 Same; costs uncollectible, paid by board
74-5337 Judicial review of board's actions
74-5338 Same; bond
74-5339 Reinstatement of license; fee
74-5340 Violations
74-5341 Violations; penalties
74-5342 Same; prosecutions by attorney general and county attorney
74-5343 Same; use of injunctions
74-5344 Construction of act
74-5345 Repealed
74-5346 Repealed
74-5347 Invalidity of part
74-5348 References to certified psychologists deemed to apply to licensed psychologists
74-5349 Establishment of specialties within practice of psychology authorized; rules and regulations; standards; fees; unlawful acts
74-5350 Disclosure


102-1-1 Definitions
102-1-2 Revoked
102-1-3 Revoked
102-1-3a Application for licensure by examination; application for temporary license
102-1-3b Application for licensure based on reciprocity
102-1-4 Examinations
102-1-5 Revoked
102-1-5a Supervised experience and supervisor qualifications
102-1-6 Licensure action by the board
102-1-7 Licenses
102-1-8 Renewal and reinstatement
102-1-8a Renewal Audit
102-1-9 Revoked
102-1-10 Revoked
102-1-10a Unprofessional conduct
102-1-11 Supervision of unlicensed assistants
102-1-12 Educational requirements
102-1-13  Fees
102-1-14 Psychological group service
102-1-15 Continuing education
102-1-16 Use of computerized psychological tests
102-1-17 Licensee consult with physician when determining symptoms of mental disorders
102-1-18 Designation of referral source for the use in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorder
102-1-19 Services rendered to individuals located in this state
102-1-20 Unprofessional conduct regarding recordkeeping

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