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The Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board has established a pre-approval continuing education provider status. There are two options for this status. One is for general provider status, the other is a single-program provider status.

The pre-approval provider/single program status is optional. The Board has re-established this process at the request of licensees. However, it does not mean that pre-approved credit is all that will be granted. Since licensees appear to have considerable anxiety regarding the lack of pre-approved programs, we anticipate that they will prefer attending workshops with such status. Although, they will be able to receive other appropriate continuing education credit as well.

If you apply and are approved for the general provider status, you will receive a provider number and the attendees at your workshops are guaranteed acceptance of the ceu’s they submit for having attended. If the single-program provider status is sought and granted, licensees attending that program are guaranteed acceptance of the ceu’s they submit for that program. Please note that requests for single-program approval must be submitted 30 days prior to the scheduled continuing education activity.
If you are interested in becoming a pre-approved continuing education provider, please complete the enclosed application with attachments and submit it to the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board for review. Please be sure to review the enclosed instruction sheet. The board staff will review your application and notify you of your provider status. When approved, you will receive your provider number and the expiration date of your status.

If you have any question regarding this matter, please contact the board office.


Social Work CEU Providers can apply for pre-approval.

- CEU Provider Application - (pdf)


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